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 GHS Software Package
GHS Software Package # 331-1m.jpg
GHS Software Package #331-1s.jpg
GHS (The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) is a system to universally standardize and harmonize the classification and labeling of chemicals.

On December 1st, 2013, OSHA expects all businesses that use or store hazardous materials to have their employees sufficiently trained with the new GHS standard.  Basically, workers will need to understand the differences when interacting with labeling and safety data sheets.

Our software comes with pre-designed templates and artworks which will save you time and money tremendously.  Once installed, you can choose a template, add/modify details and symbols on the design and hit print.  That's it!

Our NEW & FREE GHS Software Package is all you need to comply with the new GHS mandates.

Size (W x H)# of DiamondsPaper Part No.Vinyl Part No.
3" x 2"1 DiamondGHS32-1GHSV32-1
3" x 2"2 DiamondsGHS32-2GHSV32-2
3" x 2"3 DiamondsGHS32-3GHSV32-3
3" x 2"4 DiamondsGHS32-4GHSV32-4
4" x 4"1 DiamondGHS44GHSV44
4" x 6"1 DiamondGHS46-1GHSV46-1
4" x 6"2 DiamondsGHS46-2GHSV46-2
4" x 6"3 DiamondsGHS46-3GHSV46-3
4" x 6"4 DiamondsGHS46-4GHSV46-4